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Increasing Property Value With High Quality Relocatable Buildings

May 2, 2018
relocatable buildings for auction

Rising home values and low inventory is moving many investors and home owners to examine cheaper construction options.  These days modest housing does not have to be congested or traditional. Prefabricated movable homes are quickly becoming a convenient and cost effective trend. These structures are very compact, and their designs are contemporary. Relocatable buildings for sale can be found in the form of a cottage, villa, bungalow, or a brick home. Creative builders can also deliver large scale homes based on customer designs.

These prefab homes and buildings provide a wide variety of options to maximize extra space on your land or for short-term projects.

relocatable homes for sale

Relocatable Homes provide an affordable option to maximize open space on land

• Variable sizes and shapes make these homes an affordable option.
• These properties do not have limitations of land, location, or geography.
• They can be towed or carried away on trucks to a specific destination.
• Relocatable buildings for sale can focus on architecture, functionality and beauty.
• Builders not only construct, but also move these cozy homes to the place you want them to.
• Customers with higher budget can also plan a large, luxurious, and upscale home.


Modern Modular Designs


modular homes for sale

Many business owners invest in modular homes for their on-site office needs

Prefabricated homes are also known as modular or transportable properties. These movable structures are manufactured off site, reducing the cost of construction. On relocatable buildings for sale, up to 80% construction work is done at a factory. The remaining fittings and finishing are carried out on the site. In the past, modular homes carried a poor reputation for durability and style. Today, these homes are built with strong materials and feature many attractive floorplans and design.


Many investors and homeowners with extra space use these types of homes for extra income through vacation rental sites like Airbnb and HomeAway.  Be sure to research city and state rules before purchasing for this purpose.  Whatever your needs, modern relocatable buildings are easy on the pocketbook and offer flexible options for your property.



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