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Real Estate Sign Posts: Does Color Matter?

May 7, 2018

 At YardSignal we receive many requests for Real Estate Sign Posts in different colors.  For most realtors, the color choice is simply a matter of branding- matching the color scheme of their company logo with the post. But does the color really matter?



The Purpose of Real Estate Sign Posts

The basic point of a sign post is to alert the neighborhood and any passers by that a home is on the market.  Interested buyers will look for your sign to help them find the address, and people that happen to be in the area may become interested in the property.  Ultimately, visibility is key to getting peoples attention.

Color and Visibility

At YardSignal we discontinued painting black posts after multiple offices and agents noted visibility complaints.   Many prospective buyers had difficulty locating listings with dark signs and black posts.  Interestingly, MoneySuperMarket.com noted “black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in road accidents than vehicles of other colors“.  Research indicates that black cars are harder to see, and thus in more auto accidents.  If dark cars are harder to see, then what about dark signs and sign posts on the side of the road?

We all know that traffic and street signs use bright, reflective materials to improve their visibility to motorists.  The same principle can be applied to Real Estate Sign Posts.  Although dark logos and color arrangements can give an air of luxury, they may be harder to see.  Using the example of car colors, the origin of the Yellow Cab company has long been associated with visibility.   Although disputed, the story goes that the companies founder John Hertz commissioned a local university to determine the easiest color to spot- leading to the famous name and color of New York City cabs.  In addition, many forms of safety gear for workers of various trades use reflective yellows to improve their visibility on job sites.

While we would never judge a realtor or office for choosing black sign posts, our inventory is limited to Yellow and White posts.  These highly visible colors provide a bright method to display our clients signs.




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