the best time for buying a home
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Want the Best Price? Know when to Buy a Home

December 16, 2016
the best time for buying a home

When it comes to buying a home, the time of year that you decide to take action could make a big difference in what is available to you and how much you will pay for your home. Many people think that the best time to buy a home is in the Spring. While that may be true for a few reasons it isn’t necessarily a fact. If you have children that are in school then the Spring is a great time to get into your home and get settled in. You will also have tons of people listing their homes for sale once the Winter months are over. Once the snow melts and the temperatures begin to warm up, people get the itch to list their homes and move.

With Spring comes a wider selection of homes. You must note, however, there will be a lot more competition for the homes on the market during this season. During an open house, you will have tons of people coming to look at the homes and that can stir up the competition. If you put in an offer there is no guarantee that you will win. If this situation took place in the Fall or the Winter time you might only have a few people come to look and unless they are serious you may have no competition at all if you decide to bid on the home.

People that list their homes in the cooler months may be more likely to accept a lower offer than they would have in the Spring. Keep in mind that if you try to buy a home during the peak season you may get outbid several times because the competition to get settled in is much greater. If you don’t have school to worry about, or if you can manage a move with school age children mid year, you might consider your search after the summer ends. In fact, you could probably get into a home before the rainy months start and the fact that the weather is more favorable can make a move much easier.

Some pre-planning will also help you with buying a home toward the end of the year. Be sure to pare down all of your belongings ahead of time. You may begin to pack items that you don’t need so that you can get moved right away and then slowly unpack at a leisurely pace. In short, if you are serious about buying a home you should really consider buying it in the Autumn or Winter months if you can and be sure to plan ahead to make a smooth and quick relocation.



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