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Must Have Features: How to Find Your Dream Home

December 9, 2016
Features for New Home

“Must have” features for a new home vary from family to family and are based on some key features such as income and family size.  A cramped for cash family of five is most likely searching for something different than wealthy newlyweds with no plans of having children. There are some key features prospective buyers should always keep in mind while on the hunt for a new home.

Location, Location, Location

Location is a top priority for anyone looking to invest in a new pad. A few questions worth considering are:

  • How close do you need to be to work or school?
  • Do you prefer a rural or suburban setting?
  • Is proximity to a hospital or shopping center a deciding factor?
  • Is closeness to a freeway more important than the peace and quiet of a backroads location?

Space and Storage

A second factor to consider is overall living space and storage. Living space will depend on family size and income. If you have a large family requiring lots of room for storage, a functional floor plan with an efficient use of storage space will be more important than an appealing layout with minimal storage space.

Personal preference also comes into play when determining how much space is needed in a home. Some prefer small, cozy spaces to a more spacious home.

Parking is another ideal feature when purchasing a home. A driveway and garage eliminates the worries of relying on the availability of street parking, especially in big cities. Research the neighborhood of your new potential home to determine if a garage is necessary.


Privacy is a crucial piece to the home buying puzzle. If you prefer a good distance between your home and your neighbors, you should consider a home on a large piece of land with fences. This will also keep unwanted noise from the surrounding neighborhood to a minimum.

In the home

A central heating and cooling system is ideal in places where there are extreme weather conditions. Again, this depends on location and personal preference. A more crucial feature to consider in a new home is sound construction and foundation, and functioning gas, electric, and water systems. These should always be tested when touring a potential home. It may be beneficial to consult a trusted electrician or contractor about these features before making the final decision on a home.


Without a doubt, the most important feature to take into consideration is safety. Talk to your realtor and potential neighbors to get insight on the neighborhood of your prospects. Locate the local police station to discuss crime in the area and talk about included security features of the home and neighborhood with your realtor.


Use these tips as a simple way to brainstorm your desired features.  Write them down in order of importance and discuss them with your real estate agent.


Bailey Geisser.


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