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Are Real Estate Sign Posts Necessary?

March 6, 2017
San Diego real estate sign posts

Real Estate sign posts are a national invitation to check out your neighbors closet space. But in the age of digital marketing, some wonder if the old sign post is still an effective tool. Why do Real Estate professionals still use them on all their listings? Here are 3 reasons the pros know to install one asap.

1. Locating a listing

Lets say you find a new listing online or have a recommendation from your Real Estate agent. A Real Estate sign post in the yard confirms you have arrived and removes any doubt about taking a look around. Also, there may be many homes for sale on the same block. The selling agent can rely on the signage to keep you focused on the correct listing.

2. Passing Traffic

Like the example given at the beginning, a Real Estate sign post alerts people in the area of a new listing. People living in that particular neighborhood may have friends that want to take a look. Shoppers may drive through a neighborhood to get a feel for the area before looking online. A post in the front yard may be their first exposure to a new available property.

3. Branding

The best Real Estate pros are experts in their geographic area. They are always interacting with other agents, interested buyers, and homeowners. They are aware of peculiar HOA rules, zoning issues, flood planes, and the quality of schools in the area. This kind of knowledge earns them the trust of shrewd homeowners. A Real Estate sign post communicates trust and competence to the neighborhood, and this earns them even more listings.
Some HOA’s dislike the appearance Real Estate sign posts. But the fact is they are an important part of maximizing awareness of a listing. More awareness means more interest, and more interest can mean higher offers. Higher offers lead to better valuations for all the homes in the neighborhood.

The Upgraded Real Estate Sign Post

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