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Real Estate Sign Posts, San Diego, San Jose, Modesto

Upgrade your Real Estate Sign Post


We have standard Single-Arm posts available with or without solar lighting add-on.

Add elegance and visibility to your Real Estate listings while reducing damage to the owner’s lawn. Our upgraded real estate sign post makes an impression day or night with solar-powered lighting.

Stand out from your competition with an eye-catching display that allows potential buyers and passers-by to spot your listing even in the dimmer after-work hours.

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Reduce Damage to the Owner’s Lawn


Our installation includes a stake system that reduces damage to the lawn down to two 5/8 inch holes. This system makes damage to the lawn almost indiscernible and reduces the chance of damaging the sprinkler system.

Elegant Display, Less Lawn Damage

Give your  buyers a Million Dollar viewing by ordering our post system and upgrade your sign post presentation.

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